Kupper Mounts Now on Sale in Florida via Shopify's E-commerce Center

Kupper Mounts Now on Sale in Florida via Shopify's E-commerce Center

Seeking the easiest bike rack to install on any car, van, truck, SUV or rental car, anywhere in the world?  Kupper Mounts are now on sale in Florida for $149 for a single set or $248 for 2 pairs ($124 each).  Buy one now at => http://kupper-mounts.myshopify.com/

Kupper Mounts Bike Racks are one of the safest, most affordable, easy-to-install in less than 2-minutes and remove in 10-seconds, quick-to-store in the trunk, portable bike rack systems in the world. On sale now for only $199.

All Kupper Mounts units purchased from this date forward will be delivered during the week of October 19, 2020. They are available to customers worldwide. They will fit any car, truck or SUV, regardless of country. They offer larger and stronger vacuum-powered suction cups than #SeaSucker and do not require a luggage rack or trailer hitch like #Thule or #Yakima and are much more affordable. 

Kupper Mounts Bike Racks fits easily into checked-baggage for airline travel & solves the common problem of find bike rack that will fit on any rental car, convertible, SUV or van, regardless of what country your traveling. They are great to have when traveling with extra friends, or anytime you need additional travel capacity for carrying up to 4 bikes on most passenger vehicles. If you're interested in become an Authorized Kupper Mounts reseller or distributor, please add your company to our database at:


To learn more about "How to Install a Kupper Mounts," watch "In-depth Product Reviews" or watch our "Bike Racks' Performance as We Drive around Town" or "Take Weekend Road Trips for New Biking Adventures," please watch all of our "Youtube Videos" that will show you precisely why our bike carriers are the coolest bike carriers on the planet. 

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Kupper Mounts Bike Rack: 

1. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts install on any vehicle in less than 2-minutes 
2. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts were invented by serious bikers for other serious bikers 
3. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts are loaded with features and benefits 
4. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts provide a great closeup product review for future buyers like you 
5. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts Can Be Attached in Multiple Versatile Positions 
6. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts Are Weather-Proof for Traveling through Rain, Snow and Heat 
7. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts are Inventor Tested for Strength, Durability and Performance 
8. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts are Strong Enough to Lift and Hold a Giant 300-lbs Man 
9. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts are Secure for Overnight Travel Trips 
10. Kupper Bike Rack Mounts are Easy and Convenient for Cross-Town Trips too 

And, yes, we are always seeking Independent Sales Reps to sell our Kupper Mounts Bike Racks to bike shops, bike dealers and distributors in the US and more than 30 international markets. Want to learn more? Connect and follow us on social media now!